"Oh my goodness karen this just took my breath away!!! Thank You soooo much for making haydens first birthday such a #magical day of memories for us! If this is just a sneak peek, we can't wait to see the rest!!!! Every moment you create is "Golden!"

~Samantha Carlyon


"It was such a tough decision to make, it was all beautiful. Thank you for doing the shoot Tehani had such a great time doing it, that's all she talked about for days."

~Terra Bacote

​"We really love them all. so hard to choose! you did such an awesome job karen! I'm not surprised that the director of the agency called. like i said, you struck a chord in our hearts and i still tear when i look at the pics. Thank you again for capturing Ryder's spirit. We will recommend you to everyone we know looking for an epic photographer!!"

~Lisa Goto

​“Hi Karen, OMG they are all fantastic shots, seriously nearly cried, thank you so much!”

~Kawena Cotterel


"OMG!  Karen!! You are the bomb!  LOL!  Came out soooo nice!  I just don't know what to pick!  I need Help!  LOL!"

~Kristin Nihei

​"Hi Karen,Hope you and the family are well. I saw the cover of the next issue of Honolulu Family and wanted to let you know that I think it's the best cover ever. Your work is simply amazing. I spoke with Helen and Warren and they described the challenges that you were up against. You are amazing. Take care."

~Darin Isobe

​“Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the pictures. Some of them literally made me cry.!”

~Libby Ryan-Kern

"Thank you for the wonderful photos! We wouldn't have chosen another photographer ;)"

~Didi Gonsalves